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Celebrating the new book, The List: the First in the Wallis Jones series Celebrating the new book, The List: the First in the Wallis Jones series

The new book, The Keeper, the second in the Wallis Jones series is coming along, despite spilling hot grease on my right hand. This too shall pass and maybe it’ll get me to slow down a little.

In the meantime, I’m learning how to focus a little better and make it easier on everyone to get to know the new thriller series. Check out the new blog, dedicated to Wallis Jones and her family, and how to figure out life. Thank you, as always for coming along on the ride with me.



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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The List by Martha Randolph Carr

The List

by Martha Randolph Carr

Giveaway ends November 29, 2013.

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Potluck CelebrationIn the News for The List, the First in the Wallis Jones Series:

  • The List will be featured in an upcoming issue of Southern Writers Magazine. Keep an eye out for news and book giveaways
  • First Podcast will be here this Friday, November 22nd with notes on being a successful, nationally syndicated columnist.
  • NATIONAL RELEASE IS ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY! The List national release is Friday, November 29th and will be available where ever books are sold.
  • Book Contest with lots of giveaways coming with the national release. Sign up at this site for the blog and make sure you get updates.
  • Popular author, Martha Carr will be appearing at book festivals nationwide. Check back here for dates and places near you.
  • Book profiles The List


file000779805174Podcasts are coming soon! Our first topic will be lots of good tips and instructions on how to start and have a career as a successful syndicated columnist. We already have an RSS feed (see the little orange symbol at the top right of this page) and if you’re signed up here, when we post the podcast you’ll get an automatic alert for all of them. Coming topics are: how to start and finish a novel, including setting up the plot and outlining the characters; how to pitch, sell and then research a non-fiction book; and how to afford to be a full-time author.

If you have questions for our first topic on how to be a syndicated columnist, please send them in short, clear sentences before Monday, November 18th. If you have other topics you’d like to see, let us know! Send questions and topic ideas every week by that Monday afternoon.

The first Podcast is scheduled for Friday, November 22nd. See you here!


If you’ve ever wondered whether a small gesture can make a difference, read on. Twin preemie sisters, separated into different incubators. One of them was failing until a nurse broke hospital rules and put them together. The healthier one threw her arm over her sister and the failing baby’s heart immediately stabilized and she grew stronger. The healing touch…

This was 1995 and changed the way all hospitals treat infants. One small girl reaching out from her new, little heart, transformed a lot of big adults.

Even when I’m trying to tell a fun story, even a thriller, I’m hoping there’s a little bit of this magic in the mix. We all share our own version every time we share our particular gifts.


A Few Observations from the New Thriller, The List by Martha Carr

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Martha Carr: Here’s a Secret About Books


Potluck CelebrationI just got a great answer to a book rights question from marketing guru John Kremer.  Take a look at


Are you a member of LibraryThing? There’s an Early Reviewer ebook giveaway going on right now for The List! Free to join and all we ask is a review. Have a great weekend everyone.