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It’s here! The List is now available as a Paperback and eBook!

The first in the Wallis Jones Series.

Wallis Jones is the wife of Norman, mother to Ned and a successful attorney living the good life but she’s about to find out that she’s also a pawn in the deadly games of two powerful global secret societies at war with each other and her loved ones are the ultimate prize. Read The List Excerpt Buy Now style 1 button

Coming in April 2014 – The Keeper, Second in the Wallis Jones Series

Other Titles

  • Wired

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    Mary Elizabeth and Charlie’s marriage is fading away as Charlie tries to just get along and Mary Elizabeth struggles not to disappear completely. A murdered teenager is discovered at the local teenage hangout on a bluff high above main street bringing back memories to Mary Elizabeth that she would rather forget but may hold the key to saving an entire town. But when the bodies keep popping up everyone must struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and redemption.

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  • The Sitting Sisters

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    A forced reunion on a South Carolina island of the four Ervin sisters who have gathered to watch their father die becomes the chance to find where each of their pieces fit in the family puzzle. Redemption comes from within their family ties as they learn to love each other just as they are.

  • A Place To Call Home

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    A memoir of modern-day orphanages. Parenting tips from each of the five homes are included as well as information on how to find a residential educational facility near you. Join Martha Randolph Carr on her journey through America’s hidden and successful residential educational facilities and on her journey to a new relationship with her son.