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Copywriter and Editor


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There are a lot of good reasons to use a qualified Copywriter and Editor.

  • To enhance your company’s web site and marketing materials.
  • To raise your SEO visibility.
  • To proofread and edit materials for style and grammar.
  • To create polished, targeted marketing materials.

    Thalhimers Commercial Real Estate Market Report

  • To create or edit a technical manual or textbook.
  • To ghostwrite a business book or memoir.
  • To edit your literary or business manuscript for style and grammar.
  • To write a daily business blog.
  • To effectively manage social media.

That’s all good for business.

Southern Bio-Recovery Services

An experienced copywriter and editor can take your goals to the next level. Through experience and training, I know the right combination of words in all of these areas to combine your product, your intentions and your markets in order to draw in the right crowd – customers. I listen carefully to you, study the field, determine what works and craft a polished, finished product that reflects your voice.

Webb Sight Consulting


I have successfully worked with large corporations, mid-size businesses and newly minted entrepreneurs to increase their traffic flow and clarify their message through sharp copy, effective SEO and other marketing materials such as flyers, emails, B2B, white papers and more.

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From the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, to CLG Inc. to Thalhimers Commercial Real Estate.

Red Line Painting

I’m also used to working as a team member under changing, tight deadlines on technical manuals, business books, learning tools, social media platforms and more.

The New York Times






My writing has also appeared in publications such as:

The Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, CNN Money, Virginia Living Magazine,, The Moderate, Readers Digest,,, The Tampa Tribune, Ohio State Newslines, The Baxter Bulletin, The McDonough, GA Henry Daily Herald, The Pekin IL Daily Times, The Salem, OR Statesman Journal, The Fall River, MA Herald News, The Delaware News Journal, The Wilmington, Delaware News Journal, among others.

The Moderate Voice

New Jersey Journal

The Washington Post







Proficient in AP and Chicago Style.

*Some material may not be displayed due to confidentiality agreements. For further examples or pricing contact me directly at